How to forget network on MAC?

The process to forget a network on MAC is quiet anonymous to certain Apple users. Apparently which leads them to find out the exact strategy to forget the network on MAC. They try to search the most convenient and easy strategy to forget the network. There can be few methods to do the same, but in this one of the easiest method to forget the network on any MAC machine will be briefed.

First of all we need to know the reason behind this entire process. We should be acknowledged about the fact why do people prefer forgetting networks on MAC. One reason could be the automatic connectivity to those networks, can cause a lot more traffic and plus that could create a mess too because ultimately the user didn’t wish to connect to that network. Some examples can be like, once you were connected to your neighbour’s Wi-Fi, and even when you leave that particular location and if its again getting connected to that network, then obviously the user might wish to forget that network. Second instance can be when you wish to connect to some other network, but you can’t because you are already connected to the other. In that case you would like to forget the unwanted network. Third instance can be when you are facing a lot of issues with your Wi-Fi, and now you wish to forget that network and plan to reset it. When you feel the urge to forget a particular network on your MAC, you can follow the process mentioned below.

  1. The WIFI option on the menu bar has to be clicked first and select OPEN NETWORK PREFERNCES.
  2. Select the Advanced option once you are done with selecting the WIFI.
  3. Go through the preferred networks and select the one which you want to forget.
  4. Repeat the same process for every network you want to forget or to save time, you can also highlight the ones you wish to forget.

Likewise, you might feel the need to re-join that network again. That won’t happen automatically, and hence you need to follow a method for that too. What you can do is you can treat that disabled WIFI as a new WIFI and provide the suitable password to it and you will be re-connected to that Wi-Fi again.

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