Step by Step to delete Android History

You’re stuck while erasing your history searches and you want to hide your track? Don’t blame on you, it’s now become common that all people want to know what you have search in your phone and family are the one they are in top list. Nowadays, people want to hide their searches and they must clear and that is the vital part of being safe. In this article we are going to brief how to delete android history and we will describe by step by step.

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There are lots of hackers, they will easily track and android phones they will easily get their information, why because means, your footprint so vast and it is not that much easy to remember to wipe.

Ways to delete history on your device and we are going to cover all topic from scratch to top, browser to keyboard.

Step by Step for how to delete Android History

If you used this you will surprised and you will never forget this trick while deleting history and you can easily clear skeletons and cobwebs of your android phone. Take a quick guide,

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  1. From anywhere inside the app, hit the menu button (3 dots inside the higher right corner).
  2. Press the “History” button
  3. To clear a person object, you can use the quest subject on the top to search for specific phrases and put off URLs one-with the aid of-one using the garbage can icons to the proper of them.
  4. To clean all objects, hit the large “Clear Browsing Data” button on the pinnacle of the app.
  5. Under Basic you can select to delete surfing records from all of your signed-in gadgets, cookies and location facts, or cached photos and files.
  6. Under Advanced, you have some extra options like stored passwords and any auto fill information you’ve got set up.
  7. You can also modify the time range from closing 24 hours, 7 days, four weeks, or All time.
  8. Once you’ve found out how lots statistics you need to delete, press the “Clear Data” button once you’ve made your choices and look ahead to the method to finish.

Another trick you can use, go to incognito mode on your android phone from there you can search whatever you want and nobody will track you and history will not save. Hope you get a useful trick on how to delete android history and this is a quickest and easiest way to delete your history.

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