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In this latest technology world gaming is the most interesting and fun experience for most of the people who love to play games. Gaming Consoles are the one-stop solution for playing the most amazing high-end games with great graphics and controls. PlayStation is one of the top manufacturers for Gaming consoles around the world and as the technology innovates they have launched PlayStation with VR bundle two years back to provide their users with the real-life 3D experience of gaming. In this article, we will discuss with its review and let you know what you can get fro this newly launched product.

Well if you have used the normal PS4 gaming console then there will be no difficulties if you purchase the VR bundle and play games. In the PS4 you will have the habit of playing high-performance gaming experience and with the VR bundle, you will get something extra from this kit. 

PlayStation VR is simply one of the best Virtual Reality headsets you can get ever in the market for gaming, the headset is simply beyond the marks and its very comfortable to wear for any head size. There are some pre-installed games in the VR headset which are breathtaking and while playing you will feel everything is happening on reality. 

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Some of the features of the PlayStation with VR bundle are mentioned below:

  •  It contains the list of amazing pre-installed already available out of the box, you just need to wear it and play.
  • Simple setup of the VR headset without any hassle.
  • You can also watch movies with this bundle for the amazing virtual 3D experience.
  • By any chance, if you have to wear glasses then this VR headset is also comfortable to wear with them as well.

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Let us discuss some of the specifications of the VR headset bundle by PlayStation:

  • It has a resolution of 1920*RGB*1080 per eye.
  • 100-degree field view.
  • 5.7 inch OLED Screen which displays great colours and contrast.
  • The refresh rate of 120 Hz, 90Hz
  • Integrated with internal microphone Accelerometer and dedicated gyroscopes for great viewing.

The PlayStation with VR bundle is a great gadget for those gamers who play a lot of games on their regular gaming consoles or PC, so if you are interested in playing and experiencing something different gaming experience then this VR bundle will fulfil all your needs. Happy Gaming

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