Is Android or iPhone the Better Smartphone?

It’s a difficult task when you going to which one has to buy a phone? Whether I go for android or iPhone. iPhone is like massive and android is like less massive, because most of the people loves android phone rather than iPhone devices. We will tell simply; we have done a lot of research and lots of hard work to get which one is best device for people. In this article, we are going to brief the topic on is android better than apple and features of iOS devices.

When compared both, both of them have a lot of features and past from few years they have fighting hardly to reach their customers with their features and specifications.

In 2019 android beat apple in sales and he got a first place, this is because due to the flop of iPhone 11 pro, it has a very bad design and the feature of camera has very dull when compared to android phones.

Comparison between Android and Apple

  1. Hardware

When it comes to hardware part, iPhone stands in the first place, because apple owns its own hardware and software, but in the android its not good because google has the provider of hardware and they will provide to different phone makers. If you go with high end android phones, then it will good because that the way they make features they built.

  1. Operating System Compatibility

If you want to get latest operating system and you have to keep update on every day, go for iPhone devices, they have excellent features and that operating system will never hang. When it comes to android, they will update their OS on rarely and you can feel some hang on their phones.

  1. Power House

There was some time, Sony is dominating gaming world and no one is there to beat in back up battery, now its time to one plus, they have an excellent battery power and they have a dash charging option. When it comes to iPhone, battery backup is not up to the mark.

  1. Support System

Apple has an excellent customer care support and they have elegant support system all over the world, they are giving 100 % when it comes to support, on the other hands android has not that much support.

On a last line to say, apple devices are the one who are rich people and android is the best for mid range people. Hope you get an answer for is android better than apple, and features of iPhone devices.

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