Experience PUBG on iPhone XS Max

To start with, Apple has the best chip for gaming and is known for it from past many years. The problem with iPhone is that, it consumes lot of battery while you’re playing games. Better to turn off the location services to save some amount of battery. Though you turn it off, you can still play only couple of games because PUBG has high quality graphics. Pubg, is developed by Tencent games and they never expected these many downloads at all but fortunately the game was absolutely a super hit. Guys whosoever is interested in gaming, just go get an iPhone to experience the best of PUBG:


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PUBg is one of the finest shooting games in a decade. The graphics and game play options are supposed to be at the highest level. This game is compatible with all the iphones above 6. The game also runs in iPhone 5s also but there is too much of lag and you feel it is not all worth playing as the game runs on the server there will be lot of people getting connected on and off. So, it is better if you play it on iPhone 7.

PUBG on iPhone XS

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Since Apple is working on improvising the features and software operation, iPhone XS Max is supposed to be the best outcome of Apple as it has top quality specifications and specially made for those gaming freaks. The phone is bit wider and longer if you have to compare it with iPhone 5s,6,7. iPhone XS max is not only looks big but also has lot of advantages while you’re playing games on it. You can expect the display to be like Samsung or the ONE PLUS as iPhone’s display seems to be very much dull and in-effective during the days. Turn on high quality gaming options on your iPhone XS max and then experience PUBG but ensure you have good internet bandwidth. Even though it is expensive, it is totally worth buying it if you have a HDFC credit or debit as you tend to get 10% off on iPhone XS max.

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